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Saeed Abedini: Congress Used Me as a Bargaining Chip
2 days ago  -  4 minutes long

This is a follow-up story about Pastor Saeed Abedini, who was recently freed from Iranian prison. But now he’s wondering if his freedom is all a sham. Find out why.

When Holy Spirit Foils the Devils Plans for Your Life
3 days ago  -  10 minutes long

The Holy Spirit has a purpose for everything He does. Hear how when faced with trouble, your job is to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit's leading. He will take care of you no matter what.

How Do You Build Respect?
3 days ago  -  8 minutes long

Hear the 4 ways you can develop authortiy in formal and informal organizations. On this episode Dr. Steve Greene shares how you can help your team build respect and pure authority.

Here I Am Lord - Day 16 Living Life Bigger Than Life
3 days ago  -  14 minutes long

God might use you to carry Christ to a loved ones world. Hear how through this continued study of Acts.

How to Be Righteous at Work
3 days ago  -  7 minutes long

Righteousness shows up when no one is watching. Find out how you can be righteous at work, and serve even when no one is watching.

Venezuelan Citizens Starve from Food Crisis
3 days ago  -  4 minutes long

It’s the biggest story that no one’s talking about. Venezuela is undergoing a hunger crisis so severe, it has some saying that “only God” can save it. Find out more.

Defend Less
4 days ago  -  5 minutes long

Spending more time on your defense to others interferes with focusing on your work. Listen and learn how to ask God to show you your daily priorities instead of worrying about what your response is if asked the status of a project.

The Double Minded Leader
4 days ago  -  12 minutes long

A double-minded driver is unstable in all of his lanes. Find out how you can evoke the name of Jesus, and lead in the Spirit.

Fall TV is Coming!
4 days ago  -  22 minutes long

Find out which shows Jessilyn and Taylor are looking forward to this fall, as well as new shows that are coming out. Do you agree with their choices?

ESV Announces New Bible Revisions
4 days ago  -  4 minutes long

God’s Word is inerrant and will never change—but our translations of it? Those are changing. The ESV just announced a new list of revisions, and it’s got some scholars up in arms. Find out more.

Angels That War for You
4 days ago  -  8 minutes long

Angels can war on your behalf in warfare. Listen how God sends out angels or just one to route the enemy.

Nothing Is Beyond the Holy Spirit- Day 16 Living Life Bigger Than Life
4 days ago  -  14 minutes long

The Lord can reach out to the one your are praying for. Hear how you can remember nothing is beyond the Holy Spirit as you pray in this continued study of Acts.

After Four Attacks, Graham Urges Prayer
4 days ago  -  4 minutes long

In just 12 hours, four attacks struck three different cities in the U.S. Franklin Graham responded by issuing a national call to prayer. Find out more.

Angels of Provision Could Visit You
5 days ago  -  8 minutes long

We all have angels, but many neglect the angels that are trying to help in times of transition. Listen and learn how you angels can bring provision, in times of transition.

Do You Lead With A Fresh Anointing?
5 days ago  -  6 minutes long

It's difficult to reproduce the last project. Learn how you can keep moving forward into a fresh anointing daily.

Are You Consistent At Work?
5 days ago  -  16 minutes long

Consistency is related to fireworks. Find out how you can become consistent in all you do at work.

God Intervention - Day 15 Living Life Bigger Than Life
5 days ago  -  14 minutes long

Are you ready for a God sized do over today? Hear how God desires intervenes to intervene in your life. Listen to change your life now.

Counting the Days Until My Mind Slips Away with Ben Utecht
5 days ago  -  17 minutes long

After five major concussions, former NFL tight end Ben Utecht is losing his memories. In this Javelin interview, Ben discusses with Shawn Akers and Chip Hoch his powerful and emotional love letter to his wife and daughters--whom he some day may not recognize--and an inspiring mesasge for all to live every moment fully.

One Man Took Up His Cross Against Baal
5 days ago  -  4 minutes long

This is a story about the arch of Baal that was recently erected in a New York park, and one man who took up his cross against the idolatry. Discover why Robert Boatwright is protesting this new arch.

Precious 111-Year-Old Reciting Psalm 23 Goes Viral
5 days ago  -  4 minutes long

This is a story about a precious 111-year-old woman who, in spite of her dementia, recited Psalm 23 on camera, and the video has gone massively viral on social media! Find out more about this mighty woman of God.

What Do You Have to Complain About?
6 days ago  -  9 minutes long

It's bad to complain at work, but even worse to take it home with you. Many times we can't see what God has planned for us, so it causes us to complain. Find out how you can remain in the Kingdom of God, and find peace in God's purpose.

How Independent Are You From God At Work?
6 days ago  -  14 minutes long

Where are you at work? Do you stay in God's presence? Be encouraged today to not be independent on your work but call on God to seek His presence, even in the work that is set before us.

Surrender All - Day 14 Living Life Bigger Thank Life
6 days ago  -  13 minutes long

What will it take for you to surrender to the voice of the Lord? Listen to hear how you can submit to the Lord, hear his voice, and follow the Lord's plan for you life now.

Walking with Angelic Protection
6 days ago  -  8 minutes long

Could you imagine being in a lions den? The Lord sends angels to protect us and deliver us. Learn how you can listen and obey the the voice of the angels that have been sent to protect you.

Jessilyn, Taylor and the Wardrobe
6 days ago  -  21 minutes long

Does Jesus really care about what you wear to church? Where does fashion fit into theology? C-Pop discusses in what could be your new favorite episode.

IHOPKC Teams Up with YWAM
6 days ago  -  5 minutes long

Ecclesiastes 4:12 says, “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves.” Two powerhouse ministries are teaming up to make an impact for the Kingdom. Find out more.

Are You a Transparent Leader?
9 days ago  -  7 minutes long

Today's younger generation wants more transparent leaders. But when is the right time to be transparent and when is it right to hold back? Listen now to hear Dr. Steve Greene answer these questions on transparency.

The Way You Respond Determines Your Destiny
9 days ago  -  5 minutes long

Today, serve the Lord with sincerity and faithfulness as taught in Joshua 24:14. You have the freedom to choose who you will serve and the destiny you follow, but watch out for the vultures who want to change it.

Walk In God's Timing
9 days ago  -  20 minutes long

Waiting on the Lord is becoming a lost art on today's believers? Hear through this prayer call how you can wait on the Lord and be encouraged to not rush a head for quick answers.

God Works Behind the Scenes - Day 13 Living Life Bigger Than Life
9 days ago  -  14 minutes long

Even if you can't see it, God is working behind the scenes. Listen as the murder of Stephen in Acts is used to change the heart of another and how God was working in the background.

Destroying the Spirit of Rejection with Apostle John Eckhardt
9 days ago  -  21 minutes long

If you don't forgive, you open up the door to bitterness. Learn from Apostle John Eckhardt how you can forgive, and experience the freedom that forgiveness brings you.

Leadership Principles with Dr. Charles Kelly
9 days ago  -  8 minutes long

Leadership is not a position, it is influence. Learn from Dr. Charles Kelly principles that you can take to lead those around you.

How God Works Through Autism
9 days ago  -  22 minutes long
"Facebook pastor" Tahni Cullen shares the joys and struggles of parenting a child with regressive autism. His story will surprise and inspire you.
Ark Encounter Attracts Thousands of Visitors
9 days ago  -  4 minutes long

Earlier this year, Ken Ham and a research group predicted the Ark Encounter would attract 1.4 million visitors in the first year. How’s the Christian theme park doing so far? Listen to find out.

Archaeologists Unearth Ancient City of Famous Biblical Battle
9 days ago  -  4 minutes long

This is a story about a recent archaeological discovery of what may be a city mentioned in the Bible’s story of David and Goliath. Archaeologists even think they might have found King David’s footprints! Find out more about this ancient battle site.

When Angels Direct You
10 days ago  -  10 minutes long

Continue your understanding of how angels help in times of transition as Jennifer shares how angels can offer direction. Hear how an angle directed Abraham's servant to Rebecca as a wife for Isaac.

Develop Abundance Thinking Leadership
10 days ago  -  8 minutes long

When looking at your team who do you become, the cactus bird finding a flower or the vulture looking for death? Change your mentality to find the good in each person you lead, then prosper it. Hear how to develop the ability to lead with an abundance mentality.

Get More Out of Your Day
10 days ago  -  9 minutes long

Feel closer to the Lord as you work. Listen to this devotion of Psalm 65:10 to learn how to work abundantly by changing your thinking to focus on the excellence and not scarcity thinking on negatives.

Overflowing With the Holy Spirit - Day 12 Living Life Bigger Than Life
10 days ago  -  14 minutes long

What does it mean to fulfill God's purpose for your life? Hear the story of Stephen in Acts 6 and how he overflowed with the power of the Holy Spirit even at death. His death impacted the Christian faith.

3 Christians Arrested for Taking Communion
10 days ago  -  4 minutes long

This is a story about three Christian converts who were arrested for taking Communion in Iran. Find what happened now and what their punishment would be.

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