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The Fall of Rome

2 months ago  -  55 minutes long

How is America similar to Rome? Listen to find out what actually happened to Rome and how there are still remnants existing today.

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What are You?
23 hours ago  -  55 minutes long

What effect of that which goes on in the pulpits of America have to do with our political realm? Are conservatism and Constiutionalism the same? Host Chuck Chrismier discusses the subject with his guest, author Tom Niewulis.

Marital "Treachery"
3 days ago  -  55 minutes long

Author Joseph Webb and host Chuck Chrismier discuss that, unless the church of Jesus Christ returns to a historically biblical position concerning marriage and divorce, we will witness the reaping of a whirlwind beyond our wildest imagination.

Just Say "Yes"
4 days ago  -  55 minutes long

God is no respecter of persons. He can use anyone to bring His message to the world. Chuck Chrismier's guest, Luis Bush, is a prime example of someone who simply said, "Yes" to God, and saw his life transformed.

One World Religion Rising
5 days ago  -  55 minutes long

There is a new "Spirit" on the horizon, but it's one that believers want no part of. Host Chuck Chrismier discusses the "religion of tomorrow" and how you can avoid getting caught up in it.

Shaping Your Family Story
6 days ago  -  55 minutes long

Many families have lost the power of God's vision for their lives. Host Chuck Chrismier and guest David Welday, author of "Shaping Your Family Story," discuss how you can regain that power and overcome the wiles of the enemy.

Rebuilding the Altar
7 days ago  -  55 minutes long

Many long for a closer walk with God, but He seems far away. It's time to return to the altar and encounter God. Host Chuck Chrismier and his guests, Pat and Karen Schatzline, discuss how believers can experience a daily encounter with Jesus.

Communism is NOT Dead
10 days ago  -  55 minutes long

Both the Soviet Union and the Berlin Wall may have fallen more than a quarter century ago, but Communism still lives worldwide. Hear what host Chuck Chrismier says the about the ideal that is dangerously being revised, reframed and redescribed, but with the same ideas.

Choose Wisely
11 days ago  -  55 minutes long

How can you leave a lasting, Godly legacy? Host Chuck Chrismier discusses with guest Donna Gaines about making the right decisions in life.

Terror in Texas
12 days ago  -  55 minutes long

Why would a rabbi in Israel declare the recent church shooting in Texas "a sign of the end days?" Host Chuck Chrismier discusses this intriguing proclamation.

Is Allah Greater ... the Greatest God?
13 days ago  -  55 minutes long

Islam says that Allah is greater than any other god, a declaration of supremacy over the "infidels." Host Chuck Chrismier discusses how dangerous it is that many misinterpret the phrase "allahu akbar" from it's real intent.

Reviving the Reformation
14 days ago  -  55 minutes long

How does the Protestant Reformation of 1517 relate to today's church? Do we live out being saved by grace through faith, or is that simply a facade? Host Chuck Chrismier discusses the church's shortcomings today as compared to Martin Luther's vision for it.

Balfour and Biblical Prophecy
18 days ago  -  55 minutes long

Some discredit the Balfour Declaration as a "criminal act" by Great Britain against the indigenous Palestinian people. But was the real crime the long postponement of the creation of the state of Israel? Host Chuck Chrismier discusses the highly-debated issue on the 100th anniversary of the document's implementation.

The Rise of Lawlessness
19 days ago  -  55 minutes long

In these end times, lawlessness is increasing just as Scripture said it would. Are we as believers unwittingly contributing to this lawlessness in the name of Christ? Host Chuck Chrismier discusses this controversial subject.

20 days ago  -  55 minutes long

Is the Northstar V1 the forerunner to the mark of the beast? Host Chuck Chrismier discusses this new cyborg implant and its spiritual implications.

Absolute Corruption--Now What?
21 days ago  -  55 minutes long

The tables are turning. The liberal fingers that have been pointed in President Donald Trump's direction about political corruption now need to be, as we are slowly discovering, pointed at themselves. Host Chuck Chrismier explains.

The Price of Perfect Peace
22 days ago  -  55 minutes long

We are living in a time when peace is a rare commodity. But how can we find the peace that surpasses all understanding that the Bible talks about? Host Chuck Chrismier discusses the subject with author David Butts.

Hope for Your Health
25 days ago  -  55 minutes long

If you lose your health, life becomes more difficult than anything else that assaults us. Host Chuck Chrismier goes deep on subjects such as obesity, dementia and physical fitness. The information will be extremely beneficial for you.

The Dragon vs. The Eagle
26 days ago  -  55 minutes long

The jaws of the dragon (China) are open. Host Chuck Chrismier says China's rising star is sinister, it's strategic and it has surreal implications in the mounting battle for king of the mountain. Listen to how this will affect you as citizen of the United States.

Out of Egypt
27 days ago  -  55 minutes long

The greatest peril of these perilous times is deception, and the granddaddy of all deceptions is the spirit of Egypt. Host Chuck Chrismier explains this concept, and what it means for us as believers in these end times.

Our Sacred Honor
28 days ago  -  55 minutes long

Is anything sacred in America anymore? What should we think of Congresswoman Frederica Wilson's comments about President Trump's phone call to the grieving widow of an American serviceman? Host Chuck Chrismier discusses this disturbing behavior.

God's Lawyers
29 days ago  -  55 minutes long

Is it fascinating that many people despise lawyers, until they need one? Host Chuck Chrismier, a former practicing attorney, discusses how there are some lawyers who represent Jesus well in the courtroom.

'The Date Heard Round the World'
1 month ago  -  55 minutes long

What did Sir Isaac Newton really say concerning the end of the age? Host Chuck Chrismier reveals the truth about the famed scientist's theological prediction about the end times.

Waging the Battle
1 month ago  -  55 minutes long

As believers, we never know what God is going to do when we step out in faith to do His will. Host Chuck Chrismier and author Paul Nehlen discuss how Christians can be inspired in the warm against globalism.

When 'Perfect' Pastors Divorce
1 month ago  -  55 minutes long

Newsweek recently reported that the divorce rate among pastors is over 50 percent. Why aren't more people alarmed about this? Host Chuck Chrismier discusses this hot-button topic and what the church is doing to eliminate this behavior pattern.

Guns: Rhetoric vs. Reality
1 month ago  -  55 minutes long

Gun violence in the United States results in thousands of deaths and injuries annually. But how is that related to our addiction, as a whole, to feelings. Host Chuck Chrismier explores this fascinating topic.

God's Prescription
1 month ago  -  55 minutes long

Much of the country's Christian population is radically backslidden. The urgency of our situation cannot be minimized. But we as true followers are able to embrace God's promises in order to prepare for a holy future for America. Guest Dr. Michael Brown discusses his new book, Saving a Sick America, with Host Chuck Chrismier.

Was Weinstein Wrong?
1 month ago  -  55 minutes long

Welcome to the American brothel. Harvey Weinstein is only the latest Sodom and Gomorrah story to come out of Hollywood, which seems to turn a blind eye to sexual immorality, abuse and perversion. Host Chuck Chrismier takes an in-depth look at this disheartening story.

Becoming 'Socially Impaired'
1 month ago  -  55 minutes long

Social media abuse, and the abuse of technology, has become rampant and middle schoolers and high schoolers these days. Host Chuck Chrismier and guest Jonathan McKee discuss the perils of these man-made gods and how our children are in danger of losing more than their relationship skills.

The Tale of Tabernacles
1 month ago  -  55 minutes long

Host Chuck Chrismier explains the importance of the Jewish festival of Sukkot and how it applies to us as believers today.

Culture in Crisis!
1 month ago  -  55 minutes long

You can run but you can't hide. "Apocalypse insurance" in these end times won't help you, even if you're rich. Host Chuck Chrismier explores what happens when the Bible loses its authority in the hearts and minds of we the people.

Mending Our Marriages
1 month ago  -  55 minutes long

Sometimes we are so busy and distracted by other commitments that we drift from the reasons we married our spouse in the first place. Get anchored back into the intimacy of marriage. Host Chuck Chrismier discusses ways you can strengthen your "I Do."

Marriage Really Matters
1 month ago  -  0 minutes long

In America, we're facing a marital emergency. Marriage is not as highly revered as an institution as it once was. Host Chuck Chrismier, however, says there is some real hope for your marriage.

Heaven's Hope
1 month ago  -  55 minutes long

What is the outlook for your future, considering "all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God?" Host Chuck Chrismier talks with Texas Pastor Robert Jeffress about "by invitation only," the hope for all believers.

When All Hell Breaks Loose
1 month ago  -  55 minutes long

Following the senseless tragedy in Las Vegas this week, host Chuck Chrismier says we not only should pray for those affected by it, but our nation must respond with countless acts of warmth, generosity and kindness. The future of our nation is on the line today.

The Truth About Teshuva
1 month ago  -  55 minutes long

God wants the fire of His Holy Spirit to move in your heart to bring about cleansing and new empowerment in preparation for the days ahead. Host Chuck Chrismier explains how God wants you to clean your soul through repentance.

Dangerous Ideas
1 month ago  -  55 minutes long

Ideas have consequences. And political correctness is one of the most dangerous ideas on the planet. Dr. Jeff Myers joins host Chuck Chrismier to discuss this and Myers' new book, "The Secret Battle of Ideas About God."

Sodom and Surrender
1 month ago  -  55 minutes long

Has America become Sodom and Gomorrah? How do you think God should respond to a sexually obsessed nation that claims to be "under God?" Host Chuck Chrismier takes a look at "when virtue is lost, liberty vanishes."

Messiah is on His Way
1 month ago  -  55 minutes long

What would happen if Jesus showed up in the clouds of glory today? Are you ready for it? Host Chuck Chrismier asks the question, "Is your face ready for His face?"

Bearing Black Burdens
1 month ago  -  55 minutes long

How can we bear the burdens of black America? Chuck Chrismier says we need to do it from a biblical perspective, which will help us understand why those burdens exist and what can reasonably be done to correct them.

Financial Seduction
1 month ago  -  55 minutes long

It's amazing how Christians can be easily seduced. So, who can you trust with your hard-earned money? Chuck Chrismier explains how you, as a believer, can avoid being "snookered" when it comes to your finances.

Does Israel Matter?
1 month ago  -  45 minutes long

Has the church replaced Israel? Chuck Chrismier and Gerald McDermott, author of Israel Matters, discuss the concept of replacement theology and if Israel is significant in God's plan for the End Times?

Navigating the Cultural Hurricane
1 month ago  -  55 minutes long

Is it possible to live godly in an ungodly culture? Chuck Chrismier, along with his guest Brett Kunkle, tackle this age-old question and give insight on how we are to live in a society that as declared war on Christ.

The Trumpet Shall Sound
1 month ago  -  55 minutes long

When the "roll is called up yonder," will you be there? Chuck Chrismier explores how God's people should prepare themselves for history's final hour.

'Constitutional' Violence
1 month ago  -  55 minutes long

Is the U.S. Constitution relevant in today's society? Have we spurned the Bible that gave the very foundation to the Constitution? Chuck Chrismier discusses how the ideals of this precious document have morphed into something much different than when our founding fathers ratified it.

Peace and Prosperity
2 months ago  -  55 minutes long

How can we find hope amid the world's growing horror and chaos? Here is how Chuck Chrismier found a ray of light through the darkness, and how you can, too.

Education: Does God Have an Opinion?
2 months ago  -  55 minutes long

Do you ever wonder what goes on in your child's public school classroom, where you, and God, have little or no influence? Chuck Chrismier and guest, author Israel Wayne, talk about how you, as a Christian parent, can combat the secular worldview's impact on your child.

Can We Become as God?
2 months ago  -  55 minutes long

Transhumanism say so. Hear how the deception that happened in the Garden of Eden is happening again.

The Issue is AUTHORITY
2 months ago  -  55 minutes long

Can the Bible's view of history be trusted? Are people looking for God in their own image? Listen to this interview with Bryan Osborne, co-author of Quick Answers to Tuff Questions.

Rebuild the Altar
2 months ago  -  55 minutes long

The American church is filled with broken-down altars. Find out how we as believers can repair these altars as Chuck Chrismier talks with evangelists Pat and Karen Schatzline, who have been charged by God to address this need in the church.

North Korea Nukes Have Israel Worried
2 months ago  -  55 minutes long

There is concern in Israel that the United States is not as strong as it thinks it is with regard to North Korea and it's nuclear threat. Chuck Chrismier explains the prevailing state of mind in the Holy Land and it's waning confidence in the U.S.

Hanging in the Balance
2 months ago  -  55 minutes long

Is America’s demise a foregone conclusion? Where is America in the nine stages of the natures of civilizations? Chuck Chrismier and his guest, Christian philosopher, apologist and author Michael Abbott, talk about our country’s destiny.

The Inter-Faith Deception
2 months ago  -  55 minutes long

Gullible Christians are embracing a one-world religion. Chuck Chrismier explores just how this is happening and how you can recognize and rebuke the movement.

Sanctifying Sodom
2 months ago  -  55 minutes long

The Western world is under a flood of immorality. Have you pitched your tent toward Sodom? Chuck Chrismier tells believers how to respond.

How Grace Shaped Family
2 months ago  -  55 minutes long

How do you get along with the people that matter most? Listen as Gary Moreland discusses what you can do to have a family shaped by Grace.

Python Principles
2 months ago  -  55 minutes long

Win the battle of FLESH vs SPIRIT. Hear how in this special training on what to do with the snakes in your life.

Has God Abandoned America?
2 months ago  -  55 minutes long

With our country in crisis from Hurricane Harvey, Jeff Kinley, author of "End of America?" joins the show to discuss if America is in Bible prophecy and more. Listen now.

The Confusion of Conflation
2 months ago  -  55 minutes long

In the process of making this world more "universally friendly"—a.k.a. removing statues and landmarks that some deem offensive, are we creating more disunity than unity? Chuck Chrismier takes on a unique point of view.

The Heart—Your Key to God's Favor and Blessing
2 months ago  -  55 minutes long

What is the condition of your heart? Have you had it checked out with the Great Physician lately? Chuck Chrismier's guest Tim Rowe takes a look at how the church's heart has led to America's "heart" trouble.

When Christians Get Hurt
2 months ago  -  55 minutes long

How do you respond when you see Christians doing unchristian-like things? In this interview with Chuck Chrismier, Wall Street Journal best-selling author David Stokes reminds us that we need to show a little kindness and shine our light for the whole world to see.

Hope for Marital Happiness
2 months ago  -  55 minutes long

Married couples are no longer the majority in the U.S. population. But family is still the foundation for America and its society. Despite the stress marriage and family are under these days, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The New Zionism
2 months ago  -  55 minutes long

In True Israel—the only True Israel—does salvation come. Listen to this interview with theologian Gerald McDermott about his book, The New Christian Zionism, and discover how to be joined to the "Perfect Israelite."

When Darkness Unites
2 months ago  -  55 minutes long

Certain Truth for Uncertain Times. Listen and learn to gain knowledge if the recent solar eclipse has any significance to darkness on a spiritual level.

The Lies We Believe About God
2 months ago  -  55 minutes long

People believe lies they hear about God. Hear how to know who he really is as guest Psychologist Dr. Chris Thurman joins the show to discuss his book "The Lies We Believe About God."

How to Live Pure in an Impure World
2 months ago  -  55 minutes long

The life choices of Christians are resembling the world's choices. Listen as author Jim Langlois discusses his book "Living Pure in an Impure World," God's will, sexual sin, and the boundaries set up for our protection.

Dastardly Deception
3 months ago  -  55 minutes long

What is the dastardly nature that has happened to us? Listen as Chuck Crismier discusses his views on religion, racism, and national division.

Monumental Mistakes
3 months ago  -  55 minutes long

"Remember remove not the ancient landmarks." Listen to host Chuck Crismier explain more about today's issues on historical monuments.

Hell to Pay?
3 months ago  -  55 minutes long

Does anyone really go to hell? Listen to this interview Bill Wiese to find out.

What Is Evil?
3 months ago  -  55 minutes long

The hatred we are seeing today hell's truth seen too late? Listen to find out and hear what evil God hates.

When the Trumpet Sounds
3 months ago  -  55 minutes long

What happened when the silver trumpet sounds on this special day? Listen to this story to find out what is Shavuot and the story of Pentecost.

Revival of the French Revolution
3 months ago  -  55 minutes long

Forget The Tale of Two Cities. The revival of the French Revolution is happening in our time. Listen now to find out how.

A Tribute To Glen Campbell
3 months ago  -  55 minutes long

Glen Campbell was one of the greatest musical legends in our country. In this tribute by host Chuck Crismier hear his testimony and trials.

Terrifying Technology
3 months ago  -  55 minutes long

How do you parent in profoundly troubling times? Listen to this interview with author of "Tech Savvy Parenting," Brian Housman

3 months ago  -  55 minutes long

Is global-ism the new utopian "gospel"? Listen to find out how this new anti-God and dependence on government movement agenda is affecting our country.

The Dare
3 months ago  -  55 minutes long

Be daring in a good way. It may determine your marriage destiny. Listen to this interview with Nina Roesner who gives wives a dare of respect.

Health Tips For Troubled Times
3 months ago  -  55 minutes long

What will health care look like in the future? Listen as host Chuck Crimier discusses today's health care issues and how it is related to Christians.

Seduction of the Saints
3 months ago  -  55 minutes long

Are you caught in the serpent's squeeze? Listen to find out if you've been swallowed whole.

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