Walking in the Spirit Podcast
Go deeper in your faith and ignite your walk with the Holy Spirit. Receive reflections and revelations on prophetic insights, spiritual warfare tools and practical advice for everyday Christian living. Each week, best-selling author Jennifer LeClaire encourages you and lights the fire placed within you to crave more of the Holy Spirit.

Discerning What Holy Spirit is Saying in the Midst of Current Events and Rising Angelic Deception

5 months ago  -  7 minutes long

What are truths about angels and what are the deceptions? Listen as Jennifer is interviewed on Sky Watch TV. She shares various ways you can discern angels.

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When you are forced to pay the price for someone else's mistakes!
2 days ago  -  22 minutes long

What do you do when you are blamed for something someone else did? We've probably all experienced this with our kids, but there's a higher demonic level to this. Let this prayer and devotion encourage you!

Divine Coincidences Manifesting In this Season!
3 days ago  -  28 minutes long

When the pressure is on you learn how to find divine coincidences after listening to this prophetic prayer. Don't miss them in this season!

Spying Out the Land of Your Inheritance
4 days ago  -  26 minutes long

The enemy may be spying you on, but you need to be spying out the land because victory is yours. Be encouraged by this prophetic prayer and teaching. Take in the devotion to ask for the desires of your heart.

February 2018 Prophecy: Dream Out Loud Prophetic Word
5 days ago  -  15 minutes long

You've kept your dreams hidden in a tiny box, but now is the time to break out of the box. Listen to break religion, fear, doubt and demonic opposition that has held you in. Now is the time to dream out loud.

6 Keys to Building Your Faith to See in the Spirit Realm
8 days ago  -  18 minutes long

How do you cultivate faith to see in the spirit realm? It is altogether different than walking by faith and not by sight. Listen as Jennifer talks about building your faith to see the unseen according to God's will. Get the revelation you need by downloading now.

Watch Your Dreams Come True. Get a Blueprint to Build Your Dreams.
9 days ago  -  6 minutes long

God wants you to dream big dreams—dream wild dreams! But many have watched their dreams fade away or don't know how to translate the prophetic vision for their life into reality. Listen for the encouragement to dream again.

When You Can't Hear the Voice of God
11 days ago  -  26 minutes long

What do you do when you can't hear the voice of God? In this prophetic prayer and teaching time, Jennifer offers prayers and biblical answers.

Pushing Back the Enemy's Propaganda!
12 days ago  -  19 minutes long

It's time to push back the enemy's propaganda! Join Jennifer for this prophetic prayer session and put the devil under your feet. What perspective will you choose?

Prophetic Prayer: The Key to Deliverance From all Your Enemies
15 days ago  -  22 minutes long

If you are battling, join Jennifer in prophetic intercession where she reveals a key and prays for deliverance from all your enemies.

Calling Out the Ichabod Prophets. Stop Tolerating These Prophetic Types!
16 days ago  -  19 minutes long

Ichabod stays in attack mode, tearing down what God is building because they have no glory revelation from which to edify, comfort and exhort the body. Beware Ichabod prophets by listening to what Jennifer yearns to share with you.

Justice Is Served! God is Releasing Righteous Judgments Against Spiritual Enemies.
17 days ago  -  33 minutes long

God is serving justice to the merciful in this season!

The enemy is trying to put out the fire of the burning ones through a constant assault on character, finances, and relationships.

If that's you, it's time to celebrate. Listen now to hear Jennifer's word on how you will come out victorious over slander.

The Truth Always Comes Out!
18 days ago  -  26 minutes long

When you pour out your love to the Lord, He ravishes in it. Listen to this devotion in resting in the Lord's love and to put aside the things that pollute your mind. Be an overcomer, God's undefeated champion, with truth today.

Prophetic Prayer: How to Shut the Mouth of the Lion (Pt 2)
19 days ago  -  16 minutes long

Your tongue is like a rudder of a ship and it directs your life. If you have been confessing the wrong thing for a long it may take a while to turn it, but it will turn. Hear how to start confessing and praying right to start turning the ship of your tongue into God's authority.

Prophetic Prayer: How to Shut the Mouth of the Lion (Pt 1)
22 days ago  -  20 minutes long

How do you shut the mouth of a lion? Listen to this prayer call to find out. In part one, learn what God enjoys most and through prayer to ask for help to tame the tongue.

Taking Down Goliath's Offspring! (pt 2)
23 days ago  -  14 minutes long

When you are weary the enemy comes at you with and will use new weapons you are not aware of or know about. Listen to this message from 2 Samuel 21:15 when David was weary running into Goliath's descendants. Learn you need people around to help stand with you in force when you are too weary to fight.

Prophetic Prayer: Taking Down Goliath's Offspring! (Part One)
24 days ago  -  25 minutes long

Experience a deeper level of God's level. Hear this devotion surrendering to the Lord to abide in Him in this first part of Taking Down Goliath's Offspring.

Prophetic Prayer: Mantles of Breaker Intercession Falling
25 days ago  -  6 minutes long

Lord, help us to be willing and be given a prayer that releases. Listen to the special word God gave Jennifer about prayer and intercession. Will you give your life over to prayer after hearing this?

Prophecy: I Saw it Coming, I Will Give You Strategies
26 days ago  -  3 minutes long

Even though you do not feel prepared for what you are walking in God has seen it coming. Hear this short inspiring word the Holy Spirit gave Jennifer to be renewed God will give you strategies and help you through your walk and circumstance.

Prophesying a Season of Immediatelies | Moving Beyond Suddenlies into Miracles
29 days ago  -  20 minutes long

Get the faith to receive God's immediately. Stop doubting and fearing because this leads to doors of the enemy. Hear this message from Jennifer to study the promises of God, understand what He is saying, the doors of immediately or suddenly will begin to open.

9 Clear Signs of Prophetic Intercession
30 days ago  -  22 minutes long

There are sure signs that you are a bit different than other intercessors and prayer warriors. If you are operating in several of these nine ways, it's a sign that you are moving in the realm of prophetic intercession. Receive education, inspiration and be equipped with this short teaching. Receive strategic prayer by faith that will help you walk in your calling by listening now.

Dealing With False Accusations From Your Past
1 month ago  -  37 minutes long

God will show you what you need to know if you are walking in a wilderness. Yield to the Lord today by listening to this devotional and hear how you can deal with people who falsely accuse you with this prophetic word from Jennifer.

Don't Believe Everything You Hear!
1 month ago  -  34 minutes long

There's a great lesson in David's betrayal and the remarks he heard from others long afterward. Don't believe everything you hear! Don't take offense to what they say. Go to the source!

Burning the Bridges to Your Past
1 month ago  -  28 minutes long

Disconnect from people and things that are not good for you anymore. Hear how you have to burn every bridge to your past life to start another one. Begin to move forward by changing what's in your mind by listening now.

2018 Prophecy: Metamorphosis, Acceleration, Innovation
1 month ago  -  27 minutes long

Jennifer shared and unpacked the prophetic word for 2018 in this special teaching. Listen in and be super encouraged.

Prophetic Prayer: Prophesying a brand new identity! Shed the old image!
1 month ago  -  38 minutes long

The enemy likes to skew your identity or hides from you who God has called you to be. Don't let him! Hear this prayer devotion to meditate on God today, renew your mind, and begin to shed the old images you hold of yourself.

Binding the Spirit That's Attacking Your Kingdom Exploits!
1 month ago  -  28 minutes long

The enemy is using people in your inner circle to work against you. Listen to this prayer devotion to learn how to not put up walls against people, but to put up your shield against the enemy. People don't always know they are being used as a tool of the enemy. Beware of the opportunist and the saboteur.

Prophetic Prayer: Prophesying UPGRADE!
1 month ago  -  19 minutes long

Are you ready to go deeper with God? Then listen to this prayer devotional and prophetic prayer session. Jennifer prophesied, "upgrade." If you've been experiencing demonic downgrades, now that God has a plan for your payback!

Prophetic Prayer: Breaking Past the Stronghold of Worry
1 month ago  -  28 minutes long

There is so much in world that we concern ourselves with and prompts us to take our eyes off the Creator. But Jennifer LeClaire God's grace is sufficient for this day and we need to turn the tables on the enemy.

Faith to Enter into the Seer Realm
1 month ago  -  3 minutes long

When the Holy Spirit comes, He brings all of His gifts. But in order to see the fruit of it, Jennifer LeClaire says, you have to water that gift you're seeking after.

Can a Christian Have a Demon?
1 month ago  -  16 minutes long

As believers, we have authority in Christ and do not have to be afraid of demons. But does that mean we have them inside of us? Jennifer LeClaire answers the question.

6 Big Fat Lies the Devil Spreads About Praying in Tongues
1 month ago  -  23 minutes long

The enemy is a liar, and there is a reason why he does not want you to utilize one of God's gifts. Host Jennifer LeClaire says Jude 20 explains it all, and these lies are real, so cast them down.

Calling All Seers! God Wants to Release You at New Levels of Authority!
1 month ago  -  17 minutes long

God doesn't need us, but He has chosen to work through us. Listen for God's voice and allow Him to speak to you and let Him raise you up to where He wants you to be for His kingdom.

Discerning Intercessory Prayer Burdens
1 month ago  -  23 minutes long

God expects us to pray without ceasing. As you grow in the Lord, as Jennifer LeClaire did, you will discover there are prayer burdens you must undertake. Learn how to separate the emotional realm from the spiritual realm.

Discern Your Prophetic Expression
1 month ago  -  15 minutes long

Every prophet has a unique prophetic expression. That's why, host Jennifer LeClaire says, you can't put a prophet in a box.

Is it Abuse or is it Truth?
1 month ago  -  23 minutes long

I Chronicles 16:22 ... you've heard it many times before. But how is this scripture being misused by God's messengers? Jennifer LeClaire explains.

The Seers
1 month ago  -  16 minutes long

God has chosen to work on the earth through people, and God is relying upon seers to usher people into the kingdom. He is calling people to rise up in this moment in this capacity. Are you a seer?

Discerning Intercessory Prayer Burdens and Dividing Between Soul & Spirit
2 months ago  -  23 minutes long

Feeling oppressed? Emotions going haywire? Pain your body? It may not be you. It may be an intercessory prayer burden. You need to learn how to distinguish between your emotions and the Lord's emotions for people and other people's emotions that require intercession. Same is true for cities. Learn in this teaching.

10 Cursed Things You Need to Remove From Your House Right Now
2 months ago  -  16 minutes long

There are things you may have in your home you do not know cause curses. Listen as Jennifer shares more and what needs to be cleaned out of your life good.

Achan's Sin
2 months ago  -  10 minutes long

All of Israel was grieving because of one person's sin who was out of alignment. Hear how running with the wrong people in battle will give you scars. Listen and learn from the story of Achan and to root out what is hodling you back.

Exposing Spiritual Abuse in Church Leadership! Break free!
2 months ago  -  33 minutes long

Where do you see spiritual abuse the most? Is in church leadership. Jennifer shares from personal experience what is spiritual abuse and how you can break free from it.

Prophetic Word for December 2017
2 months ago  -  17 minutes long

Listen how the Lord wants you to walk into new opportunites next year. Open to fresh eyes and to let go of issues in your mind, heart and homes. Chose this day to reconcile and resolve. Let go of the baggage of the past and press on.

Press On
2 months ago  -  11 minutes long

To press into your future is to learn how to press through an attack of the enemy. Listen as Jennifer exposes the attacks of the enemy to help you break word curses spoken over you, at you, even spoken behind your back.

When Python Attacks, Break Free!
2 months ago  -  37 minutes long

Hold on to hope through every bad day and good day. Listen to this prayer starter devtion on how God is stirring hope in your heart. Then hear what Jennifer has to say on breaking free when the python spirit attacks.

When Demon Spirits Tag Team Against You!
2 months ago  -  26 minutes long

Demons have studied human beings for thousands of years. Learn how the enemy tag teams of demonic spirits to attack you. Be prepared for spiritual battle after hearing this message.

Prophetic Prayer: Dealing with Accusations From Your Past
3 months ago  -  17 minutes long

What are you listening to? What do you see? You are God's masterpiece. Hear things through the Scripture and through the Lord. Begin to look at yourself as He sees you when you see your reflection. Don't listen or look how the enemy does, let go, and move forward in the future God has for you.

Refuse to Return to Your Bondage!
3 months ago  -  22 minutes long

What bothers you about yourself does not bother the Lord? Hear how the Holy Spirit points you back to God's grace. Stop guilty casting today and being to refuse to return to your bondage.

Prophetic Prayer: Let Go Once and For All!
3 months ago  -  21 minutes long

There is no going backward. Your future is greater than your past. Focus today on the goodness of God and worship praise on what God has in store for your future. Let go once and for all.

Breaking Toxic Soul Ties and Alignments. Prophetic Vision of People Wrapped in 'Past'
3 months ago  -  35 minutes long

How can you step into the next level God wants you to go when you won't let go of the past? Hear that the air around you is toxic and is aligned with negative soul ties. Listen, break and seek to go to your next level with God.

3 months ago  -  15 minutes long

When the Lord is asking you a question, He is getting you to know where you are at. Listen to this break down on what the Lord is asking and see yourself undefeatable. Take the challenge and ask today.

God is Unlocking New Identities and Giving Out New Names in This Sesaon
3 months ago  -  16 minutes long

Everything that belongs to you in Christ cannot be taken away from you. Hear how God sees you and is unlocking new identities to bring you up to a higher level. Receive new assignments and changed names.

Prophetic Warning: Spoiler Alert! The Spoilers Are Coming!
3 months ago  -  15 minutes long

Spoilers are found 19 times in the Bible and plan to take the goods of someone by force of war. Listen to this warning how the enemy has come to spoil what you have been fighting for in prayer. Learn spoilers walk in darkness, but you will be victorious by walking in light taking back the spoils.

Prophetic Prayer: Overcoming Absolute Exhaustion
3 months ago  -  20 minutes long

How do you stay hungry for God when you weary and exhausted? Be encouraged when you pray with Jennifer to know God's banner is love and to keep seeking the Holy Spirit, celebrate before you see your victory, and have faith arise.

Prophetic Prayer: Your Storm Has a Name but it Must Bow to the Name of Jesus'!
3 months ago  -  21 minutes long

You have an authority over the storms in your life. Listen to this devotion and prayer to know you don't have to have a meltdown in the middle of a storm. Begin to change your focus on God. Don't quit when God is calling you forward.

Prophetic prayer: An Encouraging Prophetic Word About Your Transition
3 months ago  -  22 minutes long

The Father loves you. Jesus loves you with a passion. Receive this love in the starting devotion and prayer. Then in this prophetic prayer session, Jennifer LeClaire offers an encouraging prophetic word about your transition.

Prophetic prayer: From overlooked to overflow!
3 months ago  -  42 minutes long

Today, stop and think about what Jesus has done for you. Listen how God is good with the devotion and then hear the prophetic prayer from overlooked to overflow.

Your Spiritual Warfare Battle Plan Day 2: Your Enemy Has No Armor
3 months ago  -  17 minutes long

The only weapons the enemy has is what you give him. Be encouraged when hearing today you are armored up with the Armor of God and the only weapons the enemy has to use are your words. What will you be speaking over your life?

Your Spiritual Warfare Battle Plan Day 1: Know Your Enemy
3 months ago  -  20 minutes long

If you can't see the enemy you are fighting, you can't take him out. Hear how you can discern the enemy who is attacking you, not be overly minded or focused on them, but understand the subtleties of the attack.

October 2017 Prophetic Word: Radicals Rising
4 months ago  -  9 minutes long

Supercharge your faith and challenge yourself with this word of the Lord. Hear how radicals are rising to steal and kill what God has planned in your life. Don't give up because God is blowing a radical wind for you to stand up if you are willing and obedient. Listen now.

God is About to Deal With the Jonah Prophets
4 months ago  -  18 minutes long

Jonah prophets rather see things go wrong instead of good. Hear this word on how God is going to deal with these doom and gloom prophets and where this negativity could leave prophetic ministry.

Expect the Unexpected! Sudden God Encounters
4 months ago  -  11 minutes long

Know God is moving and something is about to shake when you hear this prophetic word from the Lord. Listen to Jennifer now.

Jennifer LeClaire Urges Intercessors to Let News Spur Them to Prayer
4 months ago  -  4 minutes long

On this episode of the Jim Bakker Show, Jennifer and Jim talk about news headlines and Jennifer urges intercessors to use headlines as material for intercessory prayer.

Discerning Spiritual Atmospheres Verses Fleshly Responses
5 months ago  -  15 minutes long

Receive prophetic insight about why shifts happen in different atmospheres and moods change. Hear how to tell when the change is flesh or spiritual.

Who's Your Elijah? Release Your Prophetic Voice
5 months ago  -  19 minutes long

If you are led to prophesy, then you need training. Listen as Jennifer shares teaching lessons from Elijah on how prophets need training. Hear and receive yours today.

Prophecy: Underground Intercessors Rooting Down Deep in Prayer
5 months ago  -  14 minutes long

The Lord is preparing you for new territory. Hear how He is putting a new boldness on you in this Word. Listen and be blessed.

Prophesying Over Prophetic Scribes & 4 Keys to Writing in the Spirit
5 months ago  -  28 minutes long

What is writing in the spirit? Listen to find out what it means and how the Lord inspires you to put words on paper. Hear Jennifer's tips now.

MEGA Prophecy: 6 Keys to Tapping Mega Grace
5 months ago  -  14 minutes long

God's grace is suffcient for you. Listen to these 6 key to know how to step out in faith as the Lord makes the impossible possible.

Are Guardian Angels on Assignment in Your Life?
5 months ago  -  16 minutes long

Do we have angles on assignment and guard us? Listen as Jennifer shares this word on how we do have angles of protection.

Prophecy: A Movement of Movements
5 months ago  -  17 minutes long

A new movement is emerging in this hour. Hear what the Lord has revealed to Jennifer on how He is always moving forward. Listen today in order to move with the Lord and not get left behind.

Delivered Romans
5 months ago  -  32 minutes long

God's love will overcome every stronghold that gets in the way. Hear what you have to do to press in to win the prize. Get delivered today.

5 months ago  -  26 minutes long

Whose shadow you are standing in? There is a shadow the enemy tries to cast over your life, but listen to how God wants you under His shadow.

Is the Devil Provoking You?
5 months ago  -  14 minutes long

Have you ever moved from one room to another and your mood shifted or stirred in the moment? Listen to this teaching on spirit and flesh to find out if the devil is provoking you.

Let Love Motivate Your Words and Actions
5 months ago  -  25 minutes long

Be cautious not to speak idol words. Listen to this devotion and prayer today to receive breakthrough and see things from a heavenly perspective.

Overcoming Satanic Setbacks
5 months ago  -  21 minutes long

Remeber the joy of your salvation and hear how you can overcome what is setting you back to walk by faith, instead of walking by sight.

Dread is DEAD
5 months ago  -  21 minutes long

What do you dread? Hear how to give the Holy Spirit your undivided attention and stop dreading what is in front of you and stop giving into vain imaginations through this prayer.

God is Sending a Flood Against Your Famine
5 months ago  -  32 minutes long

Guard your heart and know Jesus is coming soon. Listen to this devotion to watch and pray then hear the prophetic word God is sending a flood against your famine.

UNLOCKING! and Healing Prayers for Broken Covenants
5 months ago  -  20 minutes long

Receive the fullness of what the covenant is that unlocks blessings. Listen to this devotion and prayer now.

Are Angels Assigned To Guard You?
6 months ago  -  16 minutes long

There are guardian angels. Listen as Jennifer shares about the fascination of angels and the meaning of guardian angels.

Come Out of the Shadow of Death
6 months ago  -  22 minutes long

Put God first in your life. Listen to this prayer devotion and prophetic prayer on coming out of the shadow of death and the turning point.

A Key to Walking in God's Maximum Blessing
6 months ago  -  23 minutes long

Seek God's mind in everything you do. Begin by willing to step out to receive the key to help you walk in God's maximum blessings.

Cooperating With the Ministry of Angels
6 months ago  -  29 minutes long

Open your heart today to your the Father and then listen for the prophetic word on how you can cooperate with the ministry of angels. Tune in to this power of prayer.

Prophetic Prayer: From Attack to Bounce Back
6 months ago  -  30 minutes long

You can stand and withstand what you are facing with the Father on your side. Join this devotion and prayer on how you can bounce back.

6 months ago  -  20 minutes long

Break free of things that are holding you back. Hear how the word for August 2017 is delivered. Let God do something great today in your life.

Rooting Jezebelic Alignments Out of Your Life
6 months ago  -  31 minutes long

Expect more from Jesus and stop expecting more from people as you listen to this devotional teaching. Then join the prophetic prayer to root out the Jezebel alignments. Hear and press in today.

Angels of Breakthrough Being Released in This Season
6 months ago  -  35 minutes long

Listen to this prayer devotion to be quick to listen and slow to speak to avoid any rash decisions or responses today. The bonus is a prophetic word and revelation on angles of breath through.

6 months ago  -  26 minutes long

Who's shadow are your standing in? There is a shadow that the enemy tries to cast over you and then there is a shadow of the Lord. Hear the difference of each shadow to find out which one you are reflecting.

Prophetic Prayer: Mega Justice Poured!
6 months ago  -  38 minutes long

Walk hand and hand with the Lord today and embrace God's glory even when persecution comes your way. Let the Lord vindicate you. Listen and pray with today for mega justice.

A Revelation On the Power of Words
6 months ago  -  19 minutes long

Ask God to change your mindset today to begin speaking what He sees and speaks about you. Hear this devotion on "Your Words Have Power" to understand how powerful words are life changing.

When the Lord Calls You Into Battle
6 months ago  -  9 minutes long

When the Lord calls you into battle He has equipped to win. Listen to this word from Joshua 10:7,9 to hear how you will have a change of heart and knock down what you have been struggling with.

Refuse to Accept Pressures from the World
6 months ago  -  17 minutes long

The pressure and condemnation you receive daily are not from the Lord but from the world. Listen to this word to hear and pray how to refuse the pressure, guilt and fear the world brings.

Enter a Season of Reconciliation
7 months ago  -  9 minutes long

God wants to do new things in an old relationship, plus heal and restore. Listen to this prayer devotion seeking what the Holy Spirit wants to do in your relationships.

Hope Against Hope
7 months ago  -  8 minutes long

What dire situation is plaguing you that looks like it will never change? Listen to how you can believe in miracles even though the situation looks impossible. Hold on to hope today.

7 months ago  -  34 minutes long

What would you do if you had no fear? Listen to pray as the Lord is speaking to you to let go of fear and imaginations. Meditate on what your life would be like then press into God's love now.

Meditate On What You Are Learning
7 months ago  -  14 minutes long

Take a moment out of your day to listen to how you should think about the lessons you are learning from the Lord. Hear the wisdom of this devotion to call upon what you may have forgotten and He will reveal the lesson.

Just Trust Me With It
7 months ago  -  8 minutes long

Whenever you can't handle something, just turn it over to the Holy Spirit and trust Him. Listen how to start trusting the Lord more and more in this prayer devotion.

My Intentions Toward You Are Perfect
7 months ago  -  10 minutes long

If you really knew how good God was, then you would know He only has good intentions for your life. Question God no more on what is planned for you by listening to this prayer devotion to receive the Word of only good intentions.

Blessed Are the Peacemakers
7 months ago  -  15 minutes long

Do you put out fires with your words by speaking peace? Hear how you can turn your words into good by listening to this devotion. Begin to study scripture on being a peacemaker instead of a fire starter.

Don't Be a People Pleaser
7 months ago  -  12 minutes long

What decisions are you making because you are afraid of others backlash? Hear how there is a difference in walking in love than being walked on. Listen to this devotion on leaving people to the Father and for you to keep your head up following Him.

Comprehend and Share My Love
7 months ago  -  12 minutes long

Are you suffering from insecurities, rejection and pride? Suffer no more from these identity problems. Listen to this devotion to know who you really are and teach it to others by comprehending God's love.

Let No Corrupt Communication Come Out of Your Mouth
7 months ago  -  8 minutes long

What you don't see with your own eyes, don't give witness to with your mouth. Hear in this devotion the impact of gossip and the people you are gossiping with may be gossiping about you behind your back.

Love What God Loves
7 months ago  -  11 minutes long

You can't possibly imagine the good things God has for you, all you have to do is believe they will come to pass. Hear how when you learn to Love what God loves to find yourself in the center of His will.

Love God With All You Are
7 months ago  -  31 minutes long

Decide today to love God will all your heart, mind and strength. Hear how this will impact your life in this daily devotion and prayer. Open to the Holy Spirit today.

Let Love Motivate Your Actions
7 months ago  -  34 minutes long

Make today the day to pray for a breakthrough in all areas of your life by listening to this devotion on motives and actions. Join Jennifer as she prays for a breakthrough by exalting the name of Jesus and removing resistance to His calling.

Cry Out to Your Deliverer
7 months ago  -  17 minutes long

If Jesus is your deliverer, then what is holding you back to cry out to Him? Hear how His power is available to you in this prayer and devotion. Listen to humble yourself, ask for help, and receive it from Jesus.

Stay True to the Vision
7 months ago  -  9 minutes long

Sometimes you have to make hard calls and disappoint others. Stand strong today when you listen to this devotion on how not to be swayed away from your density of what the Father has called you to do.

Follow My Spiritual Warfare Strategy
7 months ago  -  9 minutes long

What is God's blueprint for victory in spiritual warfare? Listen to this devotion on finding wisdom in God's strategy for battle and to know when to shout or to stay silent.

Keep Getting Back Up
7 months ago  -  10 minutes long

Whether you fall down from your own mistakes or life knocks you down, hear how God does not expect perfection. Be encouraged to outlast the devil and get back up again and again when you listen to this devotion.

There Is Not Defeat In Christ
7 months ago  -  12 minutes long

When all of hell is breaking against you, know that heaven is behind you. Hear how you can win in Christ by casting all your cares on Him. Listen and pray today.

God is Giving You Permission to Dream Wild
8 months ago  -  21 minutes long

Tap into your God size dreams. Listen as minister and author Joe Joe Dawson shares how you have to live the Matt. 6:6 lifestyle to overcome resistance by realizing to seek God daily.

Power Evangelism Spreading Like Wildfire Across US
8 months ago  -  22 minutes long

Be ignited by how the power of the Holy Spirit is reaching all spheres of influence available to all believers. Hear Scott Nary share how his ministry 420 Fire is equipping people to do more than talking but to be activators of the power of God.

Let the Word and the Spirit Ground You.
8 months ago  -  11 minutes long

If you are feeling like you are spinning out of control due to circumstances, listen to this devotional to grab hold of your mind to hear how the Word and the Spirit agree together. Stop spinning with your circumstances today.

Run to Father When You Fall
8 months ago  -  9 minutes long

The enemy wants you to run away from the Holy Spirit when you stumble. Know you can come to the Father, even with sin on your hands, by listening to this prayer devotion.

Give Life to God's Thoughts
8 months ago  -  15 minutes long

The enemy does not have to feed you constant imagination, only one seed. Hear how your reasoning gives life to the seeds of the enemy instead of the thoughts of Lord. Listen to begin thinking God today.

Abide In My Perfect Love
8 months ago  -  10 minutes long

What does God want you to do today? Abide in His Perfect love by being in complete unity with Him. Hear what you can do to stay in perfect love and the scriptures to study. Listen to this prayer now.

Don't Hold Grudges Against the Judases in Your Life
8 months ago  -  8 minutes long

What do Luke and Romans say about holding a grudge? Listen to this devotion on how to receive help on forgiving the ones who have hurt and betrayed us as Jesus did Judas.

Have An Eternal View On Your Life
8 months ago  -  8 minutes long

Challenge yourself today to change your point of view? Listen how you can have an eternal view and the Bible verses to study to encourage you daily. Hear how circumstances come and go but Jesus is always there, so don't quit.

Choose to Let Peace Rule In Your Heart
8 months ago  -  9 minutes long

How do you let the peace of God rule your heart? Listen to this prayer devotion on that it is up to you to do your part to reject the enemy who wants to rob your assignment. Walk in peace today.

Quickly Discern the Enemy's Devices
8 months ago  -  10 minutes long

Let the Holy Spirit help you in overcoming the enemies devices against you. Hear how you win every time in this prayer devotion and find out what got to Bible verses to use to renew your mind. Press through the resistance today.

My Power Dwells In You
8 months ago  -  13 minutes long

You don't know how powerful you are in Christ. Be encouraged to take a step back and breath by listening to this prayer devotion and ask God to show you how powerful you are.

Hand Me the Reins
8 months ago  -  9 minutes long

Take your hands off of what you are dealing with, trying to control it and not let the Lord deal with it. Be encouraged as you listen to this prayer devotion to not do God's part. Give Him the reins today.

Learn the Difference Between Conviction and Condemnation
8 months ago  -  10 minutes long

How do you tell the difference if the enemy is using condemnation as a tool to torment you? Listen to find out the discernment of when the Holy Spirit is convicting you in this prayer devotion. Study these Bible verses today.

Be Prepared for the Enemy
8 months ago  -  15 minutes long

Taking a defensive stance does not mean expecting the worst. Hear how it means to be prepared, especially when you are hit with an unexpected blow from the enemy. Listen to seek more on the Holy Spirit today.

Wait Until the Trial Is Over to Make Decisions
8 months ago  -  11 minutes long

With pressure from the natural and spiritual, where will you find stability? Find it through God's Word and by encouraged to seek Him out on the decision. Listen to this prayer devotion on what scriptures will help.

4 Keys to Writing in the Spirit
9 months ago  -  28 minutes long

What is writing in the spirit? Means you are Spirit inspired. Listen as Jennifer explains how the Lord is inspiring you to record words. Hear this message now, spend time with God, then pick up your pen.

Prophecy: An Eruption of Glory
9 months ago  -  6 minutes long

Shake off despair. Things around you are disrupting because you are about to enter into an eruption of God's glory. Let faith arise within by listening to this prophecy to hear how not to miss that moment in time you have waited for.

Leaving Your Past In the Dust
9 months ago  -  8 minutes long

What choice will you make today about your past? Will you press past the past or suffer by holding on. Begin to forget what is behind by listening to this teaching on pressing past pain to receive deliverance and victory.

Never Give Up, But It's Ok to Rest In Jesus
9 months ago  -  9 minutes long

Feeling discouraged and ready to give up on something you have been praying or believing for? Be encouraged today by this prayer devotion. Hear how to rest in Jesus now.

Keep Your Eyes on Me
9 months ago  -  11 minutes long

Keep your eyes on Jesus by listening to this prayer devotion. Hear how condemnation doesn't come from Him but from the enemy. Reprint, shake off guilt and shine today.

Ask Me for the Key
9 months ago  -  15 minutes long

It only takes one key to unlock a new spiritual level. Listen how in this prayer devotion to keep asking the Holy Spirit for the key so you don't get ahead or lag behind Him.

Be Joyous Both on the Peaks and in the Valleys
9 months ago  -  13 minutes long

Even when you walk through the valley of death, hear and pray to fear no evil. Listen to this prayer devotion to be joyous through the trials that come to perfect your character.

I Am Calling You as an Agent of Unity
9 months ago  -  10 minutes long

Division among God's people and the church prevents the Holy Spirit to move. Hear how you can pave the way for unity with grace, humility and love in this prayer devotion.

Prophetic Word for May: MEGA
9 months ago  -  19 minutes long

Mega faith and mega grace equal a mega movement in your life. Listen to this word the Lord gave Jennifer to share for you to obey the words God has spoken to your heart. Release and receive mega now.

Pursue Lasting Change In Your Heart
9 months ago  -  19 minutes long

Lasting change comes when you see yourself as Christ sees you. Listen to what you can do to embrace His work in you in this prayer devotion. Hear, pray, and change today.

Think About My Love for You
9 months ago  -  12 minutes long

When you think about the Holy Spirit remember how pure His love is for you. Be encouraged by this devotion to pray, focus on the God's words that show His love towards you. Listen now.

You Can Talk to God Any Time
9 months ago  -  17 minutes long

The more you seek God, the more you will realize He is right there. Slow down and spend time with God by listening to this prayer devotion today.

Is the Squid Spirit Attacking You?
9 months ago  -  13 minutes long

Have you ever heard of this sneaky spirit? Listen to find out what is the squid spirit, how it stalks you, and engage in spiritual warfare against it. Overcome today.

Where Do Angels Fit In the End-Times Drama?
9 months ago  -  13 minutes long

Find out what roles Angels play in scripture and in the End-Times. Listen as Jennifer shares with you scriptures about Angels as instruments of God.

Allow Me to Sanctify You
9 months ago  -  12 minutes long

Start speaking and thinking and walking in God's Word by His grace by listening to this prayer devotion on who really sanctifies you. Hear how to lean in the Holy Spirit's transforming power.

You're Called For Such a Time As This
9 months ago  -  17 minutes long

God saw your destiny fulfilled before you were born. Listen to be encouraged with this devotion on knowing God has called you for this time and hour. Pray for the next step to be shown to you today.

See Yourself Through the Eyes of Love
9 months ago  -  24 minutes long

It's time for you to see you as God sees you. Instead of beating yourself up for mistakes made, listen to this prayer devotion, open your heart and see yourself complete in Christ.

When Religious Spirits Masquerade As Prophets
9 months ago  -  11 minutes long

Most doom and gloom prophets have a religious spirit. Hear how when you listen to the teaching on the difference between receiving a prophecy from God compared to a false prophecy.

Prophecy - Ride The Wind of Adversity
10 months ago  -  10 minutes long

"Be Still" and know the battle belongs to God. Listen to this prophetic to find out that you have a choice to let winds of adversity blow you down or you can learn how to ride the wind. Download to take a lesson now.

I Will Empower You To Overcome Sin
10 months ago  -  14 minutes long

When the Holy Spirit convicts of sin, He does it so you can repent and receive the Father's forgiveness. Hear how you can be cleansed by the power of the blood of Jesus in this prayer devotion.

Practice My Presence In Every Season
10 months ago  -  14 minutes long

When you practice looking for God in everything, you will begin to see Him in all circumstances. Hear how in this prayer devotion with the Holy Spirit.

Ask Me What To Say and What To Pray
10 months ago  -  10 minutes long

When you are at a lost for words, be still, and don't speak. Listen to this prayer devotion to find out how to ask God what you should say. Let the Holy Spirit Interceded for you today.

Discern What I Am Saying To You Through Natural Things
10 months ago  -  13 minutes long

Pay attention when God is speaking through people, places, things, and circumstances. Hear how in this prayer devotion and be warned not every shifting wind is a prophetic voice speaking to you. Pray with us today.

Don't Move Ahead Without My Wisdom
10 months ago  -  15 minutes long

Wisdom is not hiding in the shadows ready to jump out at you. Instead, listen how you can learn to hear wisdom's cries to get clarity and not move ahead of God. Hear this prayer devotion now.

I Am With You Even If You Don't Sense My Presence
10 months ago  -  14 minutes long

The Holy Spirit is with you during the times you don't think He is. Listen how you can press in more to feel the Holy Spirit and engage His heart in this prayer devotion.

Overcome Writers Block
10 months ago  -  20 minutes long

Have you ever wanted to write? Listen how writer's block is a reality in your life and there are things spiritually and not that distract you. Hear the keys to overcoming now, no matter what you are writing.

PROPHETIC WORD: Your April is Your #Payback!
10 months ago  -  14 minutes long

You have been robbed, but God is bringing a payback to you. Hear now how your payback is not from your paycheck but from God. It may be overdue but refuse to get bitter, bless others, do things God's way, and press in today with praying.

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